Tokyo Escalate Angels

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Sakura Kiryu and Akari Kimijima are 2 J-chicks who really like to suck dick. These 2 Escalate Angels are today on the hunt for some foreign bred man meat. The two girls find themselves in situation after situation where gaijin penis is for the sucking. These girls become partners in cock sucking. Little Mango and Third World Media present Tokyo Escalate Angels - starring Sakura Kiryu and Akari KimijimaAkari Kimijima- a round faced cross eyed, low intensity brunette with a small and stylish body. Sakura Kiryu has bleached out hair and a very cute face... she is tall, slender and sun tanned. She is a modern day Kogal with very pretty tits.Interview and BJ- the girls are introduced to their first foreign cock and get interviewed while sucking on it. They quickly free it from the underwear its hiding behind and stare and gaze at its size with amazement, before starting a double suck job on it. Sakura's mouth is like a vacuum cleaner that sucks away at her first white shaft. Akari is a bit more apprehensive but slowly figures out the best way to suck on it. Sakura moves onto the balls while Akari continues to work the hog. Akari jerks it while Sakura sucks it and wins a mouthful of ejaculate for her efforts. Her and Akari share the cum globs as they kiss and lick it all up.Lunch and a BJ - Akari's boyfriend is a white guy who speaks very little Japanese. Her and Sakura are talking and Akari, being a nice friend, decides to show her boyfriend's cock off to Sakura. They serve him lunch together but he becomes the main dish, as the 2 strip him down and ready his hairy cock to suck on together. They both satisfy their appetites with large pieces of white meat and a mouthful of cum to share together as they kiss each other. Deep-throat Contest - The girls are comparing notes on the foreign cocks they have sucked. They challenge each other to see who can suck better, deeper and longer. They order up a fat cock to suck on and Sakura goes first. She swallows more than half of it before Akira actually handles a bit more. Sakura refuses to lose to her cross eyed friend and swallows nearly the entire thing. Akira bottoms out midway down and Sakura continues to suck deeper; winning herself a face full and mouthful of steamy American jizz. Her and Akira kiss and share the imported cum together. Surprise BJ- A foreign man at a club makes his way out of a bathroom and forgets to zip his fly. Sakura and Akira are there to help, pulling it out in the hallway and starting to suck on it. They lick it from base to tip before they take their tops off too. They slurp, suck and lick the fat hog that leaves Akira with a nose full along with a healthy glob in her mouth too. The 2 girls clean up the mess they made by kissing and swallowing all the excess. Party BJ - The girls are bored at a party and decided to pass sometime by sucking even more foreign cock. They find a lonely white boy to suck on and give him head, while overlooking the Tokyo skyline. Sakura's pierced tongue wins her thick wads of cum globs that cling from her chin and hang down like Hokkaido icicles. Akira is left with a little to suck on too. Next, the overweight club manager comes by and soon it is his turn for some as well. His small hairy penis is more of what the girl's are used to in Japan and it quickly disappears in both girls mouths with little effort. He says he's cumming but little comes out of him. Either way the girls share the tiny bit he was barely able to muster up.Double Finger - The girls are back in the hotel after a long day and are very tired. They say goodnight but Sakura can?t sleep and starts to rub her own pussy. Akira is awakened by the sound and Sakura admits to being horny for a foreign dude after sucking so much cock all day. Akira calls in her new Brazilian boyfriend to get both of them off. Both pussies are wet and J-squirt is starting to flow, as Bruno starts his 2 handed, single finger, ass plugging, finger jamming technique. Both girls have beautifully well maintained pussies that fill with J-sap and squirt out all over the bed sheets. With his thumb on their assholes and his middle finger in their boxes, Bruno inflicts the Brazilian finger fuck on them both, finally getting Sakura's Kobe beef hole to squirt hard. the end.Famous Japanese AV Girls!!! Sakura Kiryu and Akari Kimijima Suck Miles of White Cock!!! These girls can?t get off their knees and cannot get enough Foreign Bred Man Hog!! Squirting and Lots of Cum Swapping!! Snowballing J-Style!!! Interracial White on Asian!!! Cross Eyed Cock Sucking!!! English Subtitles
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