Action Girls

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Action Girls
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Año: 2006
This DVD features over 25 scenes of super babes fully nude in fighting action.

Created by softcore mogul Scotty JX, ACTIONGIRLS.COM takes the girls-with-guns formula to titillating new heights by combining two red-blooded-male favorites: naked ...    Full Descriptionwomen and action movies. While the minimal story arc takes place in a futuristic, MAD MAX-like post-apocalypse populated by roving gangs of bloodthirsty criminals, the real action centers on the stable of gorgeous women who fight to survive with an arsenal of firepower and a minimum of clothing. This first volume stars hotties Sylvia Saint, Susana Spears, Martina Fox, Ashley Robbins, Raylene Richards, Silvie Thomas, Chantel Williams, Zabrina Aamir, Susan Carter, and Victoria Roberts.
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