An Inconvenient Mistress

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Wicked Pictures brings you 'An Inconvenient Mistress', the latest Brad Armstrong suspense thriller. Ava (Jessica Drake) is having a torrid affair with one of the city?s fastest rising financiers (Ryan Driller). When she overhears him talking about a stock that?s going to make him a fortune she decides to get in on the action.

Ryan?s boss, Mr. Moore (Brad Armstrong) is furious when he hears of her involvement and the possibility of her putting their well-laid plans in jeopardy. Ryan tries to diffuse the situation but it?s too late, the Securities Exchange Commission is investigating their Insider Trading and the shit is about to hit the fan. Now Ava?s on the run and both the S.E.C. Agent?s and Mr. Moore?s hired killer are hot on her trail. It?s a game of cat and mouse as everything in Ava?s life comes crashing down around her. This intriguing look into the dark world of finance will leave you on the edge of your seat until the very last frame.
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