Rocco in London

Reparto: Claire Kiernan, Ruth, Mary, Natalie, Michaela James, Louisa, Ann, Zoe Young, Anushka, Flick Shagwell, Rocco Siffredi, Remigio Zapata, Long Dark, Tony De Sergio, Pascal White, Andy
Año: 2002
Idioma: ingles
Rocco Siffredi touches down in London as he leaps into another eye-opening sexual tour of the island nation. This time out, Rocco has let gal pal Kelly Stafford stay behind the camera and direct the action, leaving him able to pay more amorous attention to his luscious female partners. The first half of the video consists mainly of the casting sessions for the flick, with Rocco guiding each gal through a riveting audition session that really lets you get to know them. The second half is pure Rocco raunch, as he sets up his new-found starlets in one scintillating sexual situation after another. The hottest segment here finds Michaela, Claire and Mary enjoying a passionate plunge with a trio of hard-pumping Eurostuds. Fresh-faced newcomer Ann also shines, getting caught up in a heated one-on-one romp with Remigio Zapata that features some light domination play in addition to its searing sex. This is one of the better Rocco releases of recent years, with plenty of breathtaking young women and over the top action. Down and dirty fun from start to finish!
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