JUFE-075 - His Dick Was So Big She Couldn't Stop Looking

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I think Kashiwagi Kurumi (Nagai Maria) has the best English skills of any girl that appeared on this blacked series, plus she is very charming and friendly too, making for a really fun to watch video. She speaks a lot of English word during the video, and at very least she does the effort.

On the plot, Nagai Maria is a gravure Idol dating a pop singer who together goes to a hot spring for a retreat. There, they meet this couple of Americans who recognize her and ask for an autograph. Later on, this same couple of dudes will convince her to have a 3P.

And the eternal beta boyfriend? He gets a glimpse of what her girlfriend is doing at minute 2:28:00. At least this time he attempts to stand up, but still, so much cucked.

Regardless, the real star of this video is Maria, she did a superb job and now I am a fan.

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