Yasmine et les sex models

Reparto: Candy Cat, Horst Baron, Léa Lazur, Natalli Diangelo, Nicol Wonder, Yasmine

Idioma: Desconocido
With Yasmine who acts as make-up girl, Candy the photographer who has a pronounced liking for Sapphic practices and Horst who recruits his candidates in a very personal way, here is a unique occasion to get in behind the scenes of a studio of charms resolutely hot.
Here, models and professionals satisfy with enthusiasm their more imperious desires. After a serious account with her partner Yasmine suggests five situations while Lea discovers the double penetration, Nicol plays the blushing virgin, Horst tests four pretty applicants? charms before choosing Lorna whose skills he "deeply? examines. Natalli goes along with Candy?s lesbian concupiscence, who is nevertheless sodomised by "Atlas the Giant?. As for Mai, she is going to discover with the insatiable Yasmine, the powerful anal sex sensations.   Very sensual and realistic scenes of sex while the comedians have leisure to be carried along by pleasure.
Duración: 95min
Año: 2008
    * Scene 1. J.P.X., Yasmine
    * Scene 2. Horst Baron, Ian Scott, Lea Lazur
    * Scene 3. Candy Cat, Lauro Giotto, Nicol Wonder
    * Scene 4. Horst Baron, Mayline
    * Scene 5. Candy Cat, Natalli DiAngelo
    * Scene 6. Candy Cat, Lauro Giotto
    * Scene 7. Horst Baron, Natalli DiAngelo, Yasmine
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