Fast Forward

Reparto: Cherie, Nicole Sheridan, Jezebelle Bond, Cherokee, Aria, Marie Silva, Pat Myne, Voodoo, Lee Stone, Mr Marcus, Alex Sanders
Año: 2002
Idioma: ingles
Modine (Alex Sanders) is a hapless video clerk in major need of some stimulating distraction from his hum drum workload. Modine soon finds that his customers seek a more arousing life than the everyday hustle and bustle as well. Renting movies begins to serve as an outlet for his customers, taking them into worlds they fantasize about being in, instead of the drab lives that they currently lead. Witness as Modine and his horny customers step into the world of a mobster and his heated sexual encounter with his European mistress, a young private getting the drill of his life from his sexy female drill instructor and 3 stranded horny female soccer players at play. As sexual adventure after adventure unfolds Modine finds himself liking his job more and more. And when a beautiful regular customer (Jezebelle Bond) begins to capture his heart, Modine finds himself thinking that maybe being a video clerk has it perks after all.Fast Forward, movies like you have never seen them before
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