Yours Truly

Reparto: Justine Joli Faith Roxy DeVille Mika Tan Jasmine Byrne Faith Leon Faith Grant Tony Tedeschi Evan Stone Chris Cannon Talon
Año: 2007
Andy is a lonely guy. For the past year hes been committed to the same routine every day. Get up alone. Shower alone. Eat breakfast alone. Go to work. Come home, still alone. Then one morning, he receives a letter. A wave of memories come flooding back. The letter is from a former lover. A wild and sexy, funny and sweet woman who was everything he ever wanted. But shortly after they consummated their love for each other, she ran and he never saw her again. Now Andy must make a choice. To forgive her for breaking his heart or to cross his fingers that it wont happen again. In the end, they fall back together, madly (and truly) in love.
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